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October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Crazy!

YAY I love fall!
I had this idea to make card sets to give away! I thought it would be neat for the recipient to take one card, fill it out give it away along with the other 2 in the set and ask their recipient to fill out 1 and give the last card out....kind of like a very short "chain letter' of blessings from one friend to another, to another. (did I confuse anyone?'s late and my coffee wore off he he he)
The Supplies: Paper Doll Dress Up, Cricut and everything pictured!

The Cards for my loved ones...1 Momma (mine), 2 Mothers-n-law, and 2 Aunties...tho I guess I'll be making more as I just remembered my hubby's we have a BIG family! I LOVE IT!

This set is for my Momma...she is going to LOVE these colors we both seem to LOVE fall colors!

This set is for my Auntie Christina who loves anything...she's just the kind of person who sees right through the gift and adores the thought you put into it! She'll love it because I spent time to make it for her! Yep she's the kind of person you just want to hug:)

This set is for Auntie DOlores...she is totally going to dust off her scrapbooking supplies and hopefully join me in my cricut obsession!

And the mothers-n-law I have 2...I am happy to say I love them both and I know they will both just adore these sets!


Sharon said...

These are just wonderful and such a fantastic idea! Love all the fall colors! :)

Love That Bug said...

I love these, and the colors are so vibrant.
Thanks for sharing

Tracy said...

This is such a neat idea.
Love your cards :)

SandyK said...

Beautiful Cards